Private Lesson Details

We have some of the best coaches in the area, from past and current minor leaguers, former and current college players, a current college assistant coach, and current and former high school coaches. Check out our coaching staff by clicking here!

Private lesson instruction pairs one player with one coach to work on one (or multiple) skills of the game:

  • Hitting
  • Defense
  • Pitching
  • Catching


Trackman Baseball

Our Trackman B1 Unit will NO LONGER be included for free with any 1-on-1 or group lessons.

When booking a lesson, please indicate in the notes portion that you would like your player to use our Trackman unit. If it is available, one of our coaches will set it up, calibrate it and use it during lesson time for data collection and video analysis.

To use our Trackman unit, it will be an additional $20 per session.

Payment is due at lesson time.

Time DurationPrice
30 minutes$60
45 minutes$85
60 minutes$100

To book a lesson, please click the button below to log into your account. If this is your first time booking a lesson, please click the button below and create/ register an account. All lessons are scheduled through our online scheduling software!

Group Lesson Details

If interested in booking small group lessons, please email us at info@route2athletics.org. Small group lessons are for two, three or four players!

Payment for group lessons need to be made before group lessons are booked.

**The best way to do this is to fund your E-Soft account for the amount neeed to cover however many group lessons you will want**

Prices are as follows:

Time Duration2 Players3 Players4 Players
30 minutes$45 per player$35 per player$30 per player
60 minutes$60 per player$50 per player$45 per player

Lesson Packages

Purchase a lesson package (10- 1 hour lessons) for $900 (1 lesson free) by following the link below!

Clients must use all (10) lessons within 90 days.

Number of LessonsTime DurationPrice
1030 Minutes$540
1045 Minutes$765
1060 Minutes$900